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#9 Center
Guy LaFloater
5'-9", 170 lbs
Hutchinson, MN

Guy LaFloater is Lone Trees most controversial player. With is daft stick handling and ability to score at will, LaFloater is an original member of the Lone Tree hockey team and has been the starting center for the club since the first drop of the puck five years ago. LaFloater earned the title, "Most Controversial Player", for his undesirable antics both on and off the ice. With his hot head, LaFloater is the only Lone Tree player ever to be kicked out of a game and get a one game suspension. This ugly scene took place at the International Hockey Tourney in Grand Forks ND. LaFloater dropped the gloves with a Canadian born player known as "The Kid". Later that year, LaFloater earned "The Turtle Award" which Lone Tree members and fans thought was funny. Deep down it was eating LaFloater alive. He suddenly felt very insecure about his physical play on the ice. He missed team outings and soon isolated himself from everybody, including both the local and national press. Guys mental anguish quickly followed him to the ice as his goal scoring stats dropped to an all time low. He was done, out of the spotlight for the first time in Lone Tree history. And thats when it started......the drinking and fornication every night.

One year has gone by since LaFloater's whirlwind ride of lies and booze had him spiraling down the hill of hell. Although LaFloater still misses game after game and still drinks like an Indian and fornicates freely on a regular bases, he has come to grips with reality. Formally from Hutchinson, LaFloater grew up in the rough part of Hutch where he shared a one-bedroom trailer with his loving parents and his two brothers, who are complete dumb asses. So it was no surprise how this story occurred

You can learn more about Guy LaFloater when his story airs on ESPN's "Behind the Glory, 'The Guy LaFloater Story'"

Off the ice, LaFloater likes to curl up with a good book, sew, bake cookies, and ride his unicycle through Loring Park.



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